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Ultimate Food Club

Delivering the highest quality, authentically natural meats.

When you order right here with us, we believe you are working with one of the best in the business. We have been bringing the highest quality meat to our customers since 1957. We have a USDA-approved meat processing, packing and handling facility on-site. We take great pride is delivering the healthiest meats and game available to our clients throughout the country. Our Certified Piedmontese All Natural Beef, Natural Lamb, and Natural Bison products consistently deliver succulent taste and a juicy tenderness.

Spectacular Grilling Packages

We all know people who love meat - whether it's an amazing cut of beef or something more exotic, like wild boar or elk. Place your order here, and we'll ship right to your door.

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At Ultimate Foods, you can easily buy online and have shipped to your door a wide variety of wholesome, all natural meats that are raised in their natural environments. In addition to our delicious, hormone free poultry, wild game, and exotic meat selections, we are excited to feature certified piedmontese beef. In fact, we are one of the largest distributors of piedmontese beef in the United States.

Our Ranchers raise their animals the way nature intended - on open rangelands where they enjoy peaceful surroundings and the finest resources nature has to offer. To maintain a superior level of wholesomeness, their ranching standards include:

• Raised without the use of antibiotics - ever!
• Raised without the use of added growth hormones or steroids - ever!
• Raised only on vegetarian feed - no animal by-products - ever!
• Source verified to working family ranches for traceability - always!

With nothing artificial and minimal processing, you can rest assured that all meats ordered here at Ultimate Foods are tender, juicy, and naturally good for you and your family.

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Ultimate Food Club